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Shower and Bathtub Combo for Small Spaces

by dong ha (2018-03-23)

There’s a never-ending battle between shower and bathtub when it comes to bathroom design and renovation. This is especially true when space is a challenge in your residential property and you have a very limited area for the bathroom.

As they say, “To each his own.” But rather than choosing between these two bathroom features, why not have them both? Even when you have a limited space, you can still have a rocking shower and bathtub combo inside your bathroom. If you know the right plumber Singapore pros to tap, they can turn the smallest of spaces into a fully-functional and beautiful bathroom with both tub and shower areas that look great while still serving their purpose.

Here are some designs that you can follow.Petite shower-tub with half screen

If you look at the design of this shower and tub combination, you can instantly understand that it’s made perfect for really small spaces. Half of it is covered vertically by a shower screen to clearly delineate the shower area. It shows the dedicated area inside the tub where you can stand to have a shower. On the other hand, if you choose to take a hot tub for the day, then you can just lie down and relax with a part of the tub supporting your head. (Photo from Delsa)

Square-type shower and tub combo

This square-type shower and tub area is another space-saver since both the shower area and the bath tub are located in the corners of the whole bathroom. As you can see, they fill up the inner part of the bathroom, while retaining sufficient space for both areas. Unlike the first one, tub and shower areas are separated here. (Photo from Home Edit)

Straight and vertical shower and tub space

If your bathroom is rectangular in shape, then this arrangement is best for you. A straight and vertical shower and tub area like this gives more space beside the combination, making way for storage cabinets, vanity mirror, sink, and other essential bathroom elements. (Photo from Deco Cool)

Smallest and genius elongated tub-shower combo

No matter what the size or shape of your bathroom is, this genius design will surely fit inside. What we love about this tub and shower combo is that it retains the elegance of a beautiful bathroom fixture while expanding functionality to a whole new level!

Just imagine elongated pipes right under the ceiling that serve as shower curtain holders and shower plumbing network too. Plus, the faucet attached on the lower part of the shower is perfect for the tub’s water source. With this design, you get to relax in a circular tub while keeping yourself safe from slip and fall should you decide to take a shower for the day. Talk about best of both worlds.  (Photo from Zillow)

These brilliant shower and tub combination ideas for a bathroom with small space are just a few examples that you can follow. If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom in the second quarter of 2018, you can get inspiration from these examples and add a little personal touch to your own private space.