The B's

An Excerpt from a Novel

  • Douglas C Crispino


That was a good time for movies and even a better time for outrageous stories about the movies. There was this starlet who attributed the loss of her virginity to horseback riding. There was another one who swore that she only spoke Tagalog to the maids. A director wanted an actress in his film to get an acting trophy so badly it took him three days to shoot a rape scene and added two more rapists without informing his actress, making her screams sound really shrill.

In our town, the most famous tale about a movie theater during that time was about a woman who hid a grenade inside her beehive. How the guard or any of the staff discovered it was never known. Nobody can confirm what day or what hour it happened. What remained were the hairdo and the weapon. These were two details that were enough to scare some parents to forbid their children from going to the movies with the added pacifying explanation that “these movies are eventually going to be shown on TV anyway.”

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