In the vernacular, the term banwa / banua is commonly understood in its modern social and geopolitical sense as “community” and “territory.” But this term, within the context of the Austronesian or Malayo-Polynesian family of languages, encompasses a whole range of meanings. The banwa, therefore, can be understood as the totality of the world; a space, both physical and conceptual, that encapsulates the whole gamut of human-nonhuman interlockings, with emphasis not only on human individuals and groups—and by extension, human constructs—but also on the various aspects of nature that they engage in, in complex and contingent ways.

Appropriating this term as the name for the university's publishing efforts—journals, monographs, supplementary materials—the university envisions to publish scholarly and creative works, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary, that will contribute to the social transformation, human development, and technological advancement of Mindanao.

BANWA Archives (2004-2013)

The multidisciplinary journal BANWA has been publishing biannual issues containing research in the various fields since 2004. Since the change in format in 2013, the journal is now published as two subjournals: Series A for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Series B for Natural and Applied Sciences and Economics and Management. This section contains previous articles published by the journal prior to 2013.

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BANWA Series A

Banwa is a multidisciplinary, open-access, peer-reviewed journal published biannually by the University of the Philippines Mindanao. Series A publishes scholarly and creative works in the fields of arts and humanities and the social and behavioural sciences, particularly in anthropology and sociology, architecture and design, communication and media studies, history, linguistics and languages, literature and literary studies, philosophy and religious studies, and visual and performing arts. As a regional journal, Series A has preference for, but is not limited to, scholarly and creative works about or relevant to Mindanao.

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BANWA Series B

Banwa is an open-access, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal published by the University of the Philippines Mindanao. Series B publishes works on the natural and applied sciences and other allied fields, particularly in the disciplines of biological and agricultural sciences, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, applied mathematics, computer science, agricultural economics and management, and envrionmental studies.

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BANWA Monograph Series

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BANWA Supplements

This series of publications include materials (e.g., conference abstracts) that are not published in the journals and monographs of Banwa.

Current Issues

No 1A (2015): ICAEM 2015

No 1B (2015): ICOOP 2015

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