Causes of Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) Mortality at the Philippine Eagle Center, Davao City from 1970–2006

Ma. Rheyda P. Hinlo, Anna Mae T. Sumaya, Domingo O. Tadena


We conducted a retrospective study to identify the causes of mortality of Philippine Eagles admitted from the wild and those hatched in captivity at the Philippine Eagle Center / Philippine Eagle Research and Nature Center in Davao City from 1970-2006. Of the 40 mortalities recorded during this period, 36 (90%) were wild-caught and 4 (10%) were hatched in captivity. The cause of death for majority of the wildcaught birds was unknown (44.4%), followed by infectious disease (25%), metabolic and nutritional disease (16.7%), trauma (11.1%) and neoplasia (2.8%). Causes of mortality for the four captive-bred eagles were identified as congenital anomaly, metabolic disease, pneumonia and electrocution.

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