Diet Composition of Six Anuran Species (Amphibia: Anura) in Terminalia Forest, Mindanao Island, Philippines

Fritzie B. Ates, Donnabel B. Palafox, Vincent Louie D. Cabelin, Elsa May M. Delima


The diet of six anuran species (Kaloula conjuncta, Philautus acutirostris, Polypedates leucomystax, Occidozyga laevis, Fejervarya cancrivora and Rana granducola) was determined using the gut content analysis. Nineteen food items were identified with Hymenoptera: Formicidae as the most frequently occurring food item appearing in the guts of 5 out of 6 species.  Coleoptera, Diptera, and Orthoptera followed appearing in 4 out of 6 species. The constantly frequent occurring food item for each species was: Hymenoptera for K. conjuncta and P. leucomystax; Hemiptera for O. laevis; and Orthoptera for R. grandocula. Degree of food preference (DFP) differed for each food item. Preferential food items (2<DFP<3) were Hymenoptera for K. conjuncta and P. leucomystax and Orthoptera for R. granducola. Presence of accidental occurrence and occasionally preferred food items was prominent in P. acutirostris. The occurrence of tadpole in the gut of O. laevis suggesting batracophagy is reported here. The recovery of food items that serve as bioindicators for water quality suggest that the water quality in the area was good. Thus, this study strongly supports the protection of the area for conservation of both anurans and their prey.

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