Analysis of the Gifts, Toys, and Housewares Industry of Cebu, Central Philippines: A Value Chain Approach

  • Elvira A. Zamora Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business University of the Philippines Diliman


This article examines the gifts, toys, and housewares (GTH) industry of Cebu, Central Philippines, using the value chain approach, which is an effective way of evaluating the interaction among players in the industry. The study employed semi-structured interviews and focused group discussions involving key industry stakeholders. Results of the study are consistent with findings from earlier works, indicating the status of SMEs in the Cebu GTH value chain, which does not differ much from the corresponding value chain for the Philippines. Results of the study also show the major areas of concern at various stages in the chain, such as raw material sourcing, logistics, availability of skilled labor, storage facilities, product testing services, marketing, and product promotion, among others. In spite of the issues confronting the industry, it remains a significant sector. However, programs to support such concerns as product development and technology innovation appear to be in order.

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