Development of Chicken Burger Patty from Native and Culled Breeder Chicken

  • Glenah Mae R. Badayos University of the Philippines Mindanao
  • Virginia P. Obsioma University of the Philippines Mindanao


Good poultry management practices include culling of birds that have become less productive. These birds are sold at a lower price because many consider their meat to be of poorer quality. Native chicken, on the other hand, is gaining popularity because some consider them as healthier alternative to commercially grown poultry. However, because of its toughness, cooking is limited to soup recipes. A highly acceptable chicken burger patty was developed from culled and native chicken. Though significantly higher percentages of fat, protein, and ash were found in native chicken as compared to culled chicken meat, highly acceptable burger patties were prepared from both raw materials. The values for the proximate composition of the two chickens were significantly different except for the moisture content. The meat obtained were processed into chicken burger patty and analyzed for cooking characteristics. Results show that chicken burger patty made from the two types of poultry meat differed significantly in cooking losses and cooking yield but not in terms of dripping losses. Consumer test was done to determine the overall acceptability of the product, and results show that burger patties made from culled and native chicken had no significant difference from that made from broiler chicken (control). All samples got the mode of 9 (like extremely) with broiler having the highest frequency, followed by native, then culled. Hence, this study was able to open ways of value adding to culled chicken and provide alternative use of native chicken for health-conscious individuals.

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