Comparative Study on Philippine Agricultural Livestock and Poultry: Inventory and Volume of Production, 2015–2016

  • Esterlita D. Bation Pilgrim Christian University
  • Neilson D. Bation Pilgrim Christian University
  • Wilson C. Bation Xavier University–Ateneo de Cagayan
  • Herson S. Bation Department of Social Welfare and Development


Livestock provides a variety of food products. This study examined the inventory and volume of production of Philippine agricultural livestock and poultry: cattle, carabao, dairy, goat, swine, chicken, and duck. The study used the descriptive method, and primary data were collected through interviews. Findings revealed total cattle inventory stood at 2.553 million heads in 2016, which is 0.75% higher than the 2.534 million heads recorded in 2015. Production of cattle was 266,900 mt liveweight in 2015, which is 2.13% higher than last year’s production of 261,320 mt liveweight. The total carabao inventory in the country was 2.88 million heads in 2016, which is 0.78% higher than last year’s level; and the total production was at 142,040 mt liveweight in 2015, which contracted by 0.69% percent against the 2014’s record of 143,030 mt. Goat showed a total inventory of 3.66 million heads in 2016, and it dropped by 0.30% from the previous year’s inventory of 2.67 million heads, with total production for 2015 at 77,480 mt liveweight. Chicken population was at 178.77 million birds and duck population at 10.52 million birds. Annual volume of duck production for 2015 was 33,940 mt. Economic contribution of livestock production extend further to downstream industry (i.e., butchers, milk processors, wholesalers, and food services) and in upstream industry (i.e., feed producers, feed transport, equipment manufacturers, and seed companies) of the country. The recommendation include close monitoring of livestock in the country to ensure adequate supply of livestock and poultry in the country.
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