Production and Marketing Operations of Nongovernment Organization–Assisted Grassroots Enterprises in Iloilo Province, Central Philippines

  • Christine Mae D. Hernando University of the Philippines Visayas
  • Rebecca J. Tagamolila University of the Philippines Visayas


This paper is based on a case study that focused on the production and marketing operations, problems, and concerns of grassroots enterprises in Iloilo Province, Central Philippines, viewed through the perspective of the entrepreneurs themselves. These enterprises were assisted by the Taytay Sang Kauswagan Inc. (TSKI), a nongovernment organization, through its microfinance development project. Using a descriptive research design, primary data was generated through focused group discussions with the management of these enterprises as well as face-to-face interviews with members of the enterprises. Data and information were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The grassroots enterprises are engaged in the production of native chickens, goats, carabaos, milkfish, and other types of fish. Non-agricultural products are the hablon (handwoven) bed and table runners, sarong, patadyong, placemats, buon-buon, bags, shawl, and textile. Production and marketing systems operate with a steady stream of demands and orders coming from individual as well institutional buyers primarily within the province. Production problems include the lack of health benefits for workers, lack of quality control, calamities hitting the region, and shortage of materials. Rising prices, transportation expenses at trade fairs, and lack of local showroom and facilities for displaying products are among the major marketing concerns of the assisted entrepreneurs. In order to address production and marketing concerns of these entrepreneurs, the study recommends that TSKI should link the enterprises with business development services of their local government units, concerned national government agencies, and other relevant societal organizations.

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