Consumer Purchase Behavior for Meat Products in General Santos City, Philippines

  • Keno Jay M. Balogbog Mindanao State University–General Santos


General Santos City is a top producer and exporter of quality livestock such as hogs (100,769 slaughtered), cattle (4,018), and poultry (10,659,413). Hence, this study identified the factors significantly affecting consumers’ purchase behavior, preferred meat, and place of purchase. In this study, 190 respondents were identified and data was gathered through a structured survey questionnaire. Results reveal that most of the consumers have sources of income to purchase meat products, they chose to consume chicken, and they purchase meat for household consumption. The respondents mostly buy beef and chicken at supermarkets and pork at meat shops. The study shows that for beef, the gender, age, household size, number of employed household members, number of children, and household income were significant factors affecting consumer purchase behavior. For chicken, age is the only variable that significantly affect the decision of the consumers. Lastly, for pork, religion is found to significantly affect the decision of the consumers. Hence, it is recommended that sellers of meat products should also offer meat products classified as Halal since there is a demand. Vendors must maintain the quality and freshness of their meat products and its sanitation.


Session E2