Quality Traits and Utilization of Beef from Philippine Native × Miniature Hereford F1 Crossbreds

  • Virginia Obsioma, University of Philippines Mindanao
  • Antonio Obsioma University of Philippines Mindanao
  • Denzelle Freya Del Puerto University of Philippines Mindanao
  • Lou Dyan Guerra University of Philippines Mindanao


In an effort to upgrade the Philippine native cattle, native cows from the Mindanao Cattle Research and Development project farm in Davao City were crossed with miniature Hereford cattle through artificial insemination. First filial (F1) progenies from this breeding initiative were evaluated for yield and quality characteristics. This study presents the results for processing characteristics and sensory quality. Longissimus dorsi muscle samples from F1 progenies were described to have low marbling score, desirable white fat color, and good processing characteristics based on pH, water-holding capacity, cooking loss, and drip loss. Sensory evaluation results of medium well-done steaks were assessed to have “slightly brown,” “slightly tough to slightly tender,” “juicy,” and “moderately distinct beef flavor” scores. To confirm the claim of having good processing characteristics, meat from the F1 progenies were processed into beef tapa to represent intact meat products and fermented sausage to represent comminuted meat products. Results of consumer test for beef tapa indicated significantly high consumer acceptance. Panelists gave the product a rating of “Like” to “Like extremely” for color, flavor, tenderness, and general acceptability (p<0.05). Similarly, fermented sausage was highly appraised by the consumers for color, tenderness, and flavor, which greatly influenced the overall product acceptability, where average general acceptability score was 4.13, with a mode of 5 on a scale of 1 (Not delicious) to 6 (Extremely delicious). These results show that meat from the F1 crossbreds have good quality characteristics and has potential for fresh meat retailing and for processing into fermented sausage and cured tapa.

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