Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation through Crowdfunding

Beyond Modern Farming and New Investment Platform

  • Karl Campos University of Southeastern Philippines


This paper puts forward a view of conceptualizing social entrepreneurship and innovation through crowdfunding that catalyzes social change in terms of empowering and improving the lives of local farmers. This study was a qualitative study using narrative single case study of a successful agricultural-based social enterprise that is duly funded and operated by the people in the community and used a new investment platform. Also, this paper thoroughly discussed a venture of a farmer on how different challenges and personal adversities turn into an opportunity that, at the same time, has a positive effect on the community and its people to fight against hunger and poverty. The results revealed that farm capital requirement can be outsourced through innovative crowdfunding that attracts more people in the community to invest and help a certain farmer, and this can serve as a viable and sustainable practical mechanism for agriculture and will hopefully uplift the farmers’ standard of living.

Session B1