Dimensions of Youth Participation in the Growth of the Agribusiness Sector

  • Hazel Queen Bernales University of Southeastern Philippines


The general focus of this research is to reveal the perceptions and the dimensions affecting youth participation in the growth of the agribusiness sector, particularly in Davao City. This study also aims to encourage and motivate the youth to have an interest in the agribusiness sector, which can contribute towards alleviation. Moreover, the respondents of this study are farmers, agribusiness enterprise owners, agriculture-related officers, and the youth identified through purposive random sampling. To realize the perception and dimensions of the youth, exploratory factor analysis and thematic analysis were employed. Findings of the study revealed that among the ten identified dependent variables, half of them showed a significant association, which are the following: develop decision-making and managerial skills, equip skills in farm and business management, provide access to resources, promote food security, and provide credit acquisition opportunity. By utilizing exploratory factor analysis, there were six major dimensions recognized. The constructs established were thematically labelled as follows: (1) support youth development through strategic agribusiness programs and policy, (2) sustainable agribusiness and entrepreneurship activities, (3) holistic capacity development among youth and stakeholders, (4) substantial access to support services in agribusiness, (5) stimulating efficient enabling environment, and (6) effective information, education, and communication campaign. Hence, this study will help reduce the problems of the aging farm population and increasing youth employment.

Session C3