Assessment of Entrepreneurial Competencies and Intentions of College of Agriculture Students in Laguna State Polytechnic University–Siniloan Campus

  • Charmyne Sanglay Laguna State Polytechnic University–Siniloan Campus
  • Wilfredo Salgado, Jr. Laguna State Polytechnic University–Siniloan Campus


Entrepreneurship is one of the programs that must be promoted considering students of this program could become future entrepreneurs. This study focused on assessing entrepreneurial competencies and intentions of 297 students of the College of Agriculture in Laguna State Polytechnic University–Siniloan Campus, particularly those studying agribusiness, agriculture, agricultural education, and agricultural technology. The respondents were interviewed about their entrepreneurial plans or intentions, personal entrepreneurial competencies, and their school’s educational and administrative support. Results show that students indicated a strong desire to pursue entrepreneurship after finishing their degree. Sociodemographic profile had a great impact on their entrepreneurial intentions. With regards to their personal entrepreneurial competency level, the students were found to be strong in terms of information seeking, systematic planning, and monitoring, goal setting, and opportunity seeking, but were found weak when it comes to demand for efficiency and quality, self-confidence, and risk-taking ability. Meanwhile, the school’s educational and administrative support system were viewed as positive reinforcement towards the students’ entrepreneurial intentions. The study recommends that school administration requires more entrepreneurial activities so as to harness students’ capabilities as entrepreneurs among other things. Likewise, it is also suggested that faculties students are required more activities that will hone their entrepreneurial skills as well as help inculcate leadership and teamwork in them.

Session C3