Determinants to Policy Compliance among Fisherfolks in Tudela, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

  • Chelou Guigue Central Mindanao University
  • Thea Arbie Rivera Central Mindanao University


Republic Act 10654 amended the 1998 Fisheries Code of the Philippines, stipulating stricter regulations and penalties. Issues on fishing policy violation, however, is still a concern in Tudela, Misamis Occidental, specifically on the use of fine mesh nets. What, then, influences fisherfolks to violate the existing national fishing policy and municipal ordinance? This study provides insights on fishing practices, knowledge on existing policy, and causes of noncompliance to policy from 100 randomly interviewed fisherfolks using structured questionnaires translated in the local language. Analysis of data makes use of descriptive statistics and logistic regression. The study finds majority of fisherfolks are noncompliant in using fine mesh nets despite high level of knowledge on fishing policies. Knowledge score, weekly fishing income, and time spent fishing significantly influence the likelihood to comply with the right net size. Fisherfolks perceived inadequate and lack of alternative income source and lack of government support as factors contributing to noncompliance. The findings suggest that the local government should enhance the awareness and knowledge of fisherfolks in Tudela towards sustainable fishing and existing regulations. Information dissemination should be coupled with visible and effective enforcement of policies. Livelihood programs and subsidies could provide incentives to comply with the rules.

Session E1