Developing an Industry Market Model for Native Chicken in Davao City, Philippines

  • Melisa Aratia University of Southeastern Philippines


Given that at present the native chicken industry is gaining popularity, the study aimed to develop an industry market model based on this commodity. The opportunities for native chicken had or prompted demand due to the increase in the number of healthconscious individuals. Hence, this market model will serve as an input for policy makers for the creation of development programs for the industry. The quantitative research method was used in the study. A sixty-item research questionnaire was administered to 300 research participants comprising of native chicken raisers, traders, and consumers. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) were employed to analyze the data. Results of the CFA suggest that the three-factor model significantly represented the native chicken industry in Davao City supported with the measures of goodness of fit and internal validity and reliability. Findings of the study suggest that in the context of Davao City, the native chicken industry is and should have direct marketing structure, regulatory market, and spatially strategic market.

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