Value Chain Analysis of Arrowroot in Marinduque

Basis for Roadmap Development

  • Michael CapiƱa Marinduque State College


It is imperative that the development of a certain commodity depend on its price competitiveness, stable supply, and demand. Marinduque is known for arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) cultivation and production of starch that is utilized by local bakeries to produce cookies, a popular specialty product of the province. According to top local bakeries, around 25 to 30 MT of arrowroot starch per year is being processed, but only 15 to 20 MT is being supplied within the province; thus, programs and projects must be implemented to encourage more farmers to venture into arrowroot production. To be able to identify the specific intervention, value chain analysis was conducted. Data was gathered through survey, available secondary data, and focus group discussions. From the producers, the arrowroot may pass on to one of its two primary users, the middlemen who have direct contact to local bakeries or the manufacturer/bakeries and makers of cookies who themselves process the extraction of starch. In the calculation of value-added cost of arrowroot, the farmer had 2% share, traders had 0.18% share, and the processors had 35% share. Processors for cookies captured value adding of 63% share in the segment and gaining the biggest share. The study aims to be able to develop an Arrowroot Roadmap of Marinduque in order to enhance productivity and viability of arrowroot industry, which can contribute towards increased income of arrowroot farmers.

Session E2