Analysis of the Production and Marketing Operations of Swine Enterprises in the City of San Jose del Monte and Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines

Sharmaine Chantal Khaye C. Aspile, Nohreen Ethel P. Manipol, Dinah Pura T. Depositario, Nanette A. Aquino


Analysis of the production and marketing operations of swine enterprises in two major hog-producing towns in Bulacan was done to assess their status and performance. Seventy-one respondents from the City of San Jose del Monte (CSJDM) and 74 respondents from Sta. Maria, Bulacan, were personally interviewed using a structured questionnaire. Descriptive research design and integrated analysis were employed. Profitability and value chain analyses were also done. Sow-herd and growing-finishing production systems were prevalent in CSJDM and Santa Maria, respectively. Most enterprises in CSJDM were small backyard while those in Santa Maria were small commercial. However, CSJDM swine farms had better production performance though the values in both towns were a little behind the national standard. Santa Maria farms had generally wider market reach than CSJDM farms. The intermediaries were narrowed to wholesalers and processors as production level advanced. Profitability analysis revealed increasing profit with increasing scale of operation. Medium commercial enterprises mostly prevalent in Santa Maria showed the highest average net income. Value addition increased from farm to primary intermediary with increasing scale of operation. Sow-herd farrow to finish enterprises were more profitable than growing-finishing farms. Recommendations to further improve the swine enterprises were formulated. For swine raisers, we recommend clustering municipal hog raisers and traders into a cooperative, increasing production volume, adopting a community-based approach in herd-health improvement, encouraging joint production of commercial and backyard swine farms, and increasing efforts to promote social awareness regarding environmental impact of swine production. For the government, we recommend providing low interest loans, regulating meat importation, increasing campaign against pork meat smuggling, and promoting consumption of locally produced pork.

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