Developing Dairy Goat Industry as a Sunrise Industry in the Philippines: Issues and Challenges in the Davao Region and Northern Mindanao

Thaddeus R. Acuña, Nikko L. Laorden, Jerelyn C. Balabag


The government has embarked on a National Dairy Goat S&T Program to promote the dairy goat sector as a sunrise industry primarily to augment dairy supply, which is expected to continue to expand due to strong demand in food processing. Northern Mindanao and Davao Region are the fifth and sixth top goat-producing regions in the country. Yet they continuously experienced low and unsustainable production that cannot meet demands. A SWOT analysis was conducted to identify key issues and challenges that beset the dairy goat industry in these regions. Focused group discussions with key industry players were also conducted to identify issues and challenges in the industry. Current operations of existing commercial raisers had not adopted a clearer business model to create value proposition that will take advantage of the high market demand for dairy goat milk products. There was also lack of government financing incentives to encourage capital investments that will expedite development of the dairy goat industry. Unmet demands imply a relatively strong economic indicator that pointed out to the potential growth of dairy goat industry. It must be addressed to ensure development of a sunrise industry in the dairy goat sector. A SWOT-generated strategy suggested a strong government-led collaboration among industry stakeholders to establish a roadmap that will roll out development objectives of promoting the dairy goat sector as a sunrise industry.

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