Business Management Practices and Sustainability of Agricultural Income-Generating Projects of State Universities and Colleges in SOCCKSARGEN, Southern Philippines

Irving T. Fajarito Jr.


Two major challenges faced by state universities and colleges (SUCs) are budget cutbacks and strengthening its production or income-generation function. This study assessed the business management practices and the level of sustainability of agricultural income-generating projects (IGPs) of SUCs in SOCCKSARGEN, Southern Philippines. Due to limitations and unavailability, financial statements were not used to measure sustainability in this study. Instead, it used the descriptive-correlational research design involving 38 project managers. Results showed that the level of business management practices of project managers of SUCs’ agricultural IGPs is considered to be highly practiced. Likewise, the level of sustainability of IGPs is considered high, which means the projects are oftentimes sustained. The profile of project managers in terms of the number of work-related trainings and number of designations aside from being a project manager significantly correlates with the level of project sustainability. Generally, the business management practices in terms of human resource, production, marketing, and finance significantly correlates with the level of sustainability. Similar studies with information technology and strategic management as indicators of business management practices may be conducted in the future.

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