Organically Grown Rice Farming and Marketing Project: Assessing the Project Design and Irrigator Associations’ Needs in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Myra E. David, Ruth A. Ortega-Dela Cruz, Ephraim C. Quiñones


The Philippine Department of Agrarian Reform seeks to determine the feasibility of the organically grown rice farming and marketing project when implemented in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. Using the qualitative study approach, two irrigators associations (IA) were assessed by holding key informant interviews and focus group discussions with IA officers and non-IA members. IAs’ needs were assessed by, first, their organizational capacities, i.e., vision, mission, goal, structure, members’ participation, fiscal resources, community network, and registration; and second, their enterprise capacities, responsiveness of proposed common service facility to needs, and nature of professional services to be provided. Suitability of design was assessed using the following: (1) quality and relevance of objectives and design; (2) potential sustainability and expansion; and (3) viability in terms of community participation, gender equality, and environmental sustainability. Results of SWOT analysis indicate common findings among the associations and their community. Both have initial experience with small-scale organic farming and are in proximity to potential high-end markets. However, there are characteristics distinct to each of the IAs. One IA has a perennial problem with its main water canal while the other has no other income stream aside from its limited membership fees.  Given the results, some recommendations are drawn.

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