Exploring Factors that Influence Consumption of Frozen Fish Products: The Case of Consumers in Iloilo City, Philippines

Marvin Yu, Pauline Mae Gallo, Estermel Monteroso, Samanta Alecs Delojo, Allen Joy Vilches, Patricia Nicole Tio, Rowena Paz Gelvezon, Elfred John Abacan


Due to the lack of existing knowledge about frozen fish consumption in Iloilo City, Philippines, a research was conducted to explore the factors that influence consumption of frozen fish products using the extended theory of planned behavior as research framework. With the use of structured questionnaire, data was collected from 271 randomly selected respondents in the study area. Descriptive statistics, tests of reliability, and test of differences were used to analyze data while multiple regression analysis was used to prove the validity of the research framework. Results indicate that intention to consume frozen fish products are determined by consumer attitude, social norms, perceived behavioral control, and knowledge about product quality. These factors explain 75.1% of the variability in the consumer’s intention. Consumer attitude is significantly influenced by beliefs about the appearance and nutritional value of frozen fish products. On the other hand, consumer perceived behavioral control is significantly influenced by beliefs about suitability of frozen fish products in the preparation of delicious meals. Among the top identified influencers (parents, siblings, friends, and relatives), only the siblings have statistically significant influence on the subjective norms of the respondents. Intention and its determinant factors explain 46% variability in the consumer’s behavior. This study proves that behavioral intention of consumers significantly affects their actual consumption behavior of frozen fish products. The results presented in this study may guide the formulation of business strategies designed to influence consumption and purchase behavior of Ilonggos.

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