Reinvigorating the Sta. Lucia Agrarian Reform Community Multipurpose Cooperative in Dolores, Quezon Province, Philippines: A Cornucopia of Options

Kevin R. Ripas, Maria Magdalena R. Ripas, Jeanette Angeline B. Madamba


This paper picks up from the results of a previous study written in 2011 by the major author. It focuses on the status of the cooperative after the recommendations of the previous study were implemented and presents various strategic alternatives for the continued operational and financial sustainability of the Sta. Lucia Agrarian Reform Community Multipurpose Cooperative (SARCMPC). Using the previous study as well as primary and secondary data from 2011 to 2014, this paper, which utilizes the case study approach in analyzing the overall management of SARC-MPC’s current business ventures, aimed to conduct an external and internal audit of SARC-MPC, identify its major issues and present several courses of action for SARC – MPC to consider as it charts its future. Data was gathered through key informant interviews and secondary sources after which, data was analyzed descriptively using trend, financial ratio, SWOT and quantitative preference matrix analyses. An array of strategic options are offered for SARCMPC management to decide on the cooperative’s direction towards sustainability.

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