Incorporating Environmental Sustainability in Agricuture through Cooperative-Initiated Organic Farming in Agrarian Lands of Barangay Casile, Laguna, Philippines

Anna Rossini Parcero


The upland area of Barangay Casile in Cabuyao, Laguna has endured and continues to endure a variety of land issues since the 1950’s. With the provision of Certificates of Land Ownership Agreement (CLOA) in the 1980’s, some Casileño families resorted to selling their awarded land in exchange for fast cash. Many beneficiaries however chose to stay and toil the land thereby securing property entitlement for themselves. The study investigated the socio-political, economic and environmental aspects of the land struggle. Across all these factors, the Casile-Guinting Cooperative has been instrumental in promoting environmentally-sound organic farming practices. In recognition of its efforts, Casile was granted the Organic Farming Award in 2012 by the Municipality of Cabuyao. Today, the Cooperative continues with its commitment to ecological sustainability and agricultural productivity in the face of commercialization.

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