Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in Turkey

Haşim Özüdoğru, Ali Fuat Ersoy, Nurettin Parilti


Since ancient times, mankind has cooperated in jobs that they cannot perform individually, including agriculture, in order to lead a better life. In accordance with changing needs, cooperation between people and solidarity difference has evolved into a different dimension and has been directly influenced by social changes. Development of cooperative societies in the modern sense was born from this solidarity and developed further. Cooperatives are institutions that play important roles in social development based on mutual assistance and solidarity aiming at improving living conditions of individuals constituting the society. Agricultural cooperatives on the other hand, were established in order to meet financial needs of farmers and to support regional development under the umbrella of mutual assistance and solidarity. The purpose of this study is to examine the development stages of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in Turkey, to analyze the organization of such cooperatives throughout Turkey, and provide solutions and suggestions by determining the problems these institutions face.

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