Organizational Capacities of Selected Cooperatives in the Upland Areas of Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Cristina R. Salvosa


Cooperatives carry a special purpose in helping disadvantaged groups in a society to obtain greater influence in market transactions by improving the purchasing power of the members and by providing cost advantage through elimination of unnecessary middlemen. Organizational and Enterprise Needs and Design Assessment Tool was used as an assessment framework to determine the capacity of selected cooperatives in the upland municipalities of Nueva Vizcaya to develop and establish agri-enterprises. Th e study reveals that the selected coops are diverse and wide ranging in terms of membership, fi nancial capability, experiences in cooperative governance and in starting and managing agri-based enterprises. St. Patrick Parish Multi-Purpose Cooperative and Kasibu Farmers Development Cooperative are found to be more organizationally mature and financially able to manage vegetable processing and organic fertilizer production respectively, compared to Marigold Savings and Credit Cooperative. Conwap Valley Cooperative, Giyan Credit Cooperative, and St. Joseph Parish Belance Cooperative in Dupax del Norte identified trading post operation, farm input trading, and vegetable processing, respectively. St. Joseph Parish Belance Cooperative is also found to be more organizationally mature and had more business experience in managing agri-enterprises. In Kayapa, the Pingkian Community Development Cooperative and St. Joseph Parish-Kayapa Multi-Purpose Cooperative chose to operate as a vegetable trading post. Both cooperatives are capable of operating the trading post. Since these are new businesses, the cooperatives are recommended to further establish the feasibility of operating these agri-enterprises, especially in terms of human and physical capital.

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