Support of State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Performance of Cooperatives in the Bicol Region, Philippines

Cornelio E. Funtanar, Henry A. Mabesa Jr.


The study determined the support of State Universities and Colleges and assessed the performance of the cooperatives in the Bicol Region. The descriptive-qualitative and correlational methods were used in determining the profile of the SUC-based cooperatives and the support services of SUCs extended to the cooperatives in line with rights and privileges, education, trainings and seminars, curriculum, business opportunities, research and extension, and linkages and networking, and the performance of the cooperatives based on the OSE-PISO indicators. Documentary analysis was employed to analyze the profile of the cooperatives. Questionnaires were used to gather data on SUC support for cooperatives. Interviews and observations were likewise done to validate the data gathered. Based from the findings, the following conclusions were derived. First, the SUC-based cooperatives are registered and evaluated annually by the Cooperative Development Authority. They are classified as credit and multi-purpose and categorized as micro, small, and medium. Dividend and patronage refund were given to the members as benefits and incentives. Second, the most common support that SUCs extended to cooperatives was in line with rights and privileges, while the least support was on business opportunities, linkages and networking. Third, the PSU Credit Cooperative was rated very satisfactory performance. Fourth, the profile of the cooperatives was not significantly related to their performance. Lastly, the support of SUCs in line with business opportunities, and linkages and networking negatively affected the financial performance of the cooperatives, which means that SUCs lack support along these areas, while most of the support given was in line with rights and privileges, which are non-monetary in nature.

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