Needs and Design Assessment for Corn Production Enterprise in Selected Agrarian Reform Communities of Cagayan de Oro City and Lanao del Norte, Southern Philippines

Elizar M. Elmundo, Charly G. Alcantara, Angelina G. Corneta, Leonida S. De Asis, Rioniel N. Ellacer, Rosalito A. Quirino, Nelda R. Gonzaga, Dennis T. Yamuta


The needs and design assessment was conducted in the Agrarian Reform Communities of Cagayan de Oro City and Lanao del Norte. It aimed to identify performance requirements, knowledge, skills, and abilities of the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organizations (ARBO), as well as the technology and facility needs for a corn production enterprise. Among the ARBOs assessed were: Pagalungan and Tagpangi Tribal and Settlers Association of Women Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative, Taglimao Farmers Multi-purpose Cooperative, Indahag Agrarian Reform Community Multipurpose Cooperative, Taguanao Agrarian Reform Community Multipurpose Cooperative and Palambu Cooperative. The needs assessment revealed that the ARBOs still need technologies, as well as facilities and machineries for corn production and marketing. The ARCs offer biophysical condition suitable for corn production. They have natural assets that would favor corn production as the main economic activity. Corn is an appropriate commodity for the ARCCESS project in the ARCs mentioned. The farmers in the ARCs have extensive experience and training related to corn production. The ARBOs have other needs, such as capability development, common service facility on pre- and post-harvest facilities, project monitoring and enterprise development, and financial management and assistance. With the provision of the aforementioned recommended activities and facilities, this should result in increased production, improved quality of products, increased income and realized more profits; thereby improving their standard of living. This will eventually lead to economic growth and development of the community and to the economy as a whole.

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