Assessment of Cooperative Officers’ Leadership Competencies in Oroquieta City, Philippines

Axel Joseph L. Binaoro


This study was the assessment of cooperative officers’ leadership competencies in Oroquieta City. The objectives were to find out the cooperative officers’ leadership competencies: directing change, leading people and becoming results-oriented, determine the significant relationship of their demographic and socio-economic characteristics and their leadership competencies. The results were determined using 100 respondents from 13 cooperatives in the area through complete enumeration using questionnaire. The officers were mostly assessed in the above average level indicated in each over – all mean rating per aspect being examined. In the directing change aspect, they have strength in the continual learning and have weaknesses in external awareness. In leading people, officers displayed the highest competencies in integrity/honesty followed by teamwork building ability but the lowest competency rating was in managing conflict in their organization. They have above average competency rating in desired goal attainment. On the overall mean ratings of various aspects of leadership competencies, leading people got the highest mean rating, result driven competency has the lowest mean rating while directing change was found at the middle. Therefore, interventions will focus more in goal attainment and in making leaders become more proactive in their perspectives in leading. Officers were found to have potentially adequate competency in leading people in the aspects of integrity/honesty and in building teamwork. Both are qualities all leaders should possess.

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