Organizational Capacity Assessment of Cooperatives in the University of Rizal System, Philippines

Rosalio Q. de Leon


This study assessed the organizational capacity of cooperatives in the University of Rizal System in the areas of governance, management, financial resources, service delivery, external relations, and organizational and program sustainability that enable officers and members to ascertain specific strengths and weaknesses as inputs for future plans and actions. Surveys and on-site observation were utilized in the gathering of the necessary data. Results show that the majority of respondents attended relevant basic, advance, and specialized cooperative trainings/seminars, however; not all of them participated in the required Pre-membership Cooperative Seminars (PMES). Generally, service delivery and organizational program sustainability, and financial resources were found to be their weaknesses that need the utmost attention, while external relations, management, and governance were found to be low priority weaknesses. The cooperative’s profile and data express the need for mediations that would help raise the quality of their operations. Communication and feedback mechanisms among members are inadequate; members are not involved in the preparation and review of the annual operation plan; relevant technical expertise exists within the cooperative, though known to the community, is not fully utilized; and systems and procedures for savings generation schemes are not implemented. Thus, the possibility of implementing and monitoring the organizational action plan based on the identified priority weaknesses is consequently high. Furthermore, capability building and continuous education may be considered to boost the cooperative’s efforts, along with improving business operations.

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