The Viability of Cooperatives in Enterprise Development: The Case of NEMCO, Laguna, Philippines

Alicia R. Quicoy


The NIA-Region IV Employees Multipurpose Cooperative, Inc. (NEMCO) is one of the only three cooperatives based in Pila, Laguna and one of the 349 active cooperatives in Laguna. NEMCO has been successful for 24 years and nearing its Silver Anniversary in 2016. Its success is evident in its increase in assets, membership, and receiving several awards over the years, including the prestigious Gawad Pitak Award given by the Land Bank of the Philippines. From the original 34 members when the cooperative was founded, NEMCO has expanded its membership to more than 5,000 as of this date. Originally, NEMCO membership was exclusive to National Irrigation Administration (NIA) employees. In 2002, NEMCO was re-launched opening its membership to all NIA and non-NIA employees in Region 4. The authorized capital increased to PhP50 M in 2010. As of 2013, 66.2% of the authorized amount was subscribed. It was the need for a credit source for NIA employees that ushered NEMCO into being. Presently, the credit services has expanded to 17) types of loans, complemented by other services by venturing into the following: (1) rice production program; (2) special livelihood project; (3) agri-store; (4) dairy cattle production; (5) travels and tours ticketing services; (6) photocopying services; (7) food catering, and other business ventures and services that could cater to its members and other clients. For its achievements and service to its members and to the community, this study aimed to assess how it came into its present stature and the secrets of its success. By documenting this, NEMCO can become a model for other coops to emulate.

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