A Case Study of Alay Kapwa Rural Women Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines

Therese R. Olviga, Nohreen Ethel P. Manipol, Faustino Q. Arrienda II, Mario V. Perilla


Cooperatives are perceived to be a major instrument in the achievement of a community’s developmental objectives by being an effective tool in eliminating poverty and underdevelopment through the generation of jobs, most especially in rural areas. Alay Kapwa Rural Women Multi-Purpose Cooperative is a cooperative engaged in the production of agricultural products such as malunggay tea, coco jam, and coconut coir. Most of the cooperative’s profit is dedicated to scholarships and sponsorships. Aside from the livelihood and scholarship programs, Alay Kapwa also conducts organic farming seminars, bible readings and sharing, and medical missions. The cooperative aims to address issues related to poverty, inequality, and education, as they strengthen the advocacy of Sariayahins to local products. This case study was conducted mainly to present and assess the overall performance of Alay Kapwa Rural Women Multi-Purpose Cooperative. Descriptive research design was used in this study. Data were gathered through personal interviews with key informants such as the cooperative members and officers, and from secondary sources. The elements of the business environment that greatly influence the cooperative as well as its performance in the four major business functions were evaluated. Results revealed that the major problem of the cooperative was the low productivity of its members. This in turn, resulted in financial problems for the cooperative. This study recommends a strategic alliance between the cooperative and the farmers in the area, as well as strengthening of relationship between members and other stakeholders to enhance the productivity and profitability of the cooperative.

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