Filipino Women in Cooperative Management

Victoria M. de Padua, Hazel Dinangan, Concepcion L. Bederio


In response to the twin policies aligned towards cooperative development and the empowerment of women, this study was conducted to assess the competency of women in cooperative management. The data was drawn from 24 registered cooperatives in La Union Province, Philippines, using complete enumeration and analyzed using frequency counts, percentages, and weighted mean. Results revealed that more women than men were involved in cooperative management. The women were perceived to be better than men in managerial, interpersonal, and intellectual competencies. Men on the other hand, were perceived to be better than women in organization and leadership. The women were extremely competent along interpersonal and managerial competencies, and highly competent along leadership, entrepreneurial, intellectual and organizational aspects. With the management competencies, the women therefore are to be accorded with privileges and opportunities to assume positions along managerial and entrepreneurial positions in cooperative, government and nongovernment organizations.

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