Assessing the Supply Chain Performance of Dairy Goat in Selected Areas of the Davao Region and Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Thaddeus R. Acuña, Jerelyn C. Balabag, Nikko L. Laorden


Demand for dairy goat milk is increasing because of its nutritional values that are distinct from other dairy milk. Yet it has not been taken advantage by the local industry as dairy goat inventory remained low. A tracer methodology was adopted to analyze key performance areas in the supply chain of dairy goat in Northern Mindanao and the Davao Region as the fifth and sixth top goat-production regions in the Philippines. A total of 13 dairy goat raisers who regularly produce dairy goat milk in these regions were purposively selected as key respondents of the study. Results showed that profits from sale of fresh dairy goat milk were at marginal level due to low and unsustainable volume of production. Profitability performance of dairy goat milk producers were affected by low productivity of milking coupled with inadequate technology to extend shelf life of fresh milk. Appropriate institutional interventions such as the continuing research and development to improve productivity, animal care management, technology and product development, capability development, and provision of financing support and incentives are needed to improve the supply chain performance of dairy goat.

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